Here's my story about YDS...

Discussion in 'Education' started by ErikG, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. Robbi
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    Robbi Junior Member

    Hi everybody,

    I have allways been interested in boatdesigning and I'm thinking of taking the YDS course.

    I'm now studying computer science and it can sometimes get a little bit too teorethical.

    This forum has given answers to a lot of my questions about YDS.

  2. ErikG
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    Hi Robbi

    Well, boat design is also pretty theoretical.
    A large number of calculations are used to determine everything from the first evolutionary cycle to tha last.
    On the other hand the result is (at least it can be) quite practical as the outcome hopfully is a nice well-designed boat.

    Good luck
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    to erik. please give me address and email of 'YDS' if you are not too busy with your studies. i also am in naval architecture and interning in italy in viareggio ciao ciao luciano corsini new member of boad design .net
  4. ErikG
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    ErikG Senior Member

    YDS on the internet


    You can find the adress to YDS on the school section on the Boatdesign website, but here it is anyway.
  5. ericb
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    ericb New Member

    YDS course

    Hi everyone,

    I have been reading these posts and am wondering how everyone in the YDS course is doing. This is where I first heard about YDS in the first place.

    I have been vacillating about enrolling in the course myself. Probably will in the very near future. I keep checking back every so often to see if there is any news about the course.


  6. CDBarry
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    Regarding licensing, naval architecture in some cases is considered practice of engineering and therefore subject to licensure under the normal practice for the state you practice in.
    Certain tasks involving fishing vessel design, for example, are described as "analysis" in 46 CFR 28.500, which could be interpreted by a state board as practice of engineering. In addition, most insurance underwiters want to see a P.E. on stability workups, for example, and have for years.
    Yacht design is probably not practice of engineering as long as you don't use certain restricted titles or descriptions of tasks. "Naval Architect" has been held to be restricted in some states but not in others, even those not actually licensing in naval architecture.
    More information and links to individual state, go to
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