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Discussion in 'Projects & Proposals' started by nimblemotors, Sep 26, 2013.

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    .......... but, you're *not* doing it. You're *talking about* doing it. In fact, as I said, you're dreaming because you have no basis in reality for those increases in efficiency and shortening of timelines that you claim will make the process possible. You just pulled those figures straight out of your rectal orifice.

  2. El_Guero

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    How did you go from saying 50k was way TOO expensive, and you would never try to build your own boat, because it takes TOO much time to

    trying to sell people on the idea of how easy, quick, and cheap boat building can be done?

    PS - you are not doing it, so do not misuse poor Mr Shaw ....
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    I have a little problem with the time you say 3 men will be able to build 3 boats. You first say that 3 men building 3 boats will take 3 years. That is 9 man years to build three boats. When people work together there is a synergistic speed up of work done but not 9 times the work. 3 men cannot do 9 man years of work in one year it is not possible !! The first boat will be done in less than 1 year, the second boat mid second year and third boat early 3rd year. That is if the men get along, no fights, complaining that they are doing more work than the others, no injuries, etc. Also that more work is being done on one boat than another, Then there are extra hours worked, can you work on your boat or does extra work need to be divided on all three boats. Just food for thought. Steve
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    Maybe if you went to the website, and understand how a 40ft cat is built in 16 days, you 'get it'.

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    do you still need help with your projects. i have few friend they are best boats builder composite polyester and epoxy project.

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