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Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by bigbear69, Jan 8, 2010.

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    bigbear69 Junior Member

    Anyone have any experience with using hempel brand paints on a steel yacht?
    just wondering about quality etc compared to other brands ie altex and international being the other 2 readily available here, but more expensive.
    much appreciated
  2. apex1

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    First quality, no doubt.

    Look at my Gallery, all Hempel.

  3. MikeJohns
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    Most of the brand names are good, the industrial paints are usually much better value for the exactly the same chemicals than the marine brands, and often have a much lower thinners content. Thinners makes it easier to apply but it's the epoxy you want.

    We use a Dulux product a lot (durbild) on all sorts of vessels.
    Paint sellers will say you need a 'marine paint' but they are the same chemicals for the same type of epoxy and theres no magic extra ingredient. International brand was the poorest value for money the last time I compared them.

    However some of the marine paint suppliers have good local support people who can drop in onsite for free. Then you are paying for this service, then they will also stand by there product and advice if it falls off.

    The most significant thing for a long lasting job is surface preparation and then to build up a generous coating thickness in the best possible conditions (dry, warm, low due point).

    Epoxies don't go off and despite use by dates they usually remain usable even a decade after manufacture. If they crystalize you re-melt using heat and they are viable again, you can save a fortune picking up 'old' epoxy and then put 500 microns on rather than 150.

    Some of the epoxies are now 100% solids so they don't shrink at all after application and can be applied to 3000 microns per coat !

    Hope this helps.
    You are welcome to email or PM me if you want more info.

  4. bigbear69
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    bigbear69 Junior Member

    cheers mike,
    yeah I was wondering about the different products etc And the marine label.
    there is a hempel warehouse about 5 mins from home. and the price for their system is 1/4 of Altex system. 500 mls of Altex 2 pack poly top coat is $90 NZ
    and $130 NZ for 5 litres of Hempel 2 pack. Quite a difference.
    thought I'd just enquire if the more expensive paints are going to be much better than cheaper brands etc.
    I have a 42 ft steel sloop project that I will be needing to paint sometime this year and for me cost is always an issue.
    thanks for your info.
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