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Discussion in 'Software' started by Adis, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Adis
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    Adis Junior Member

    Hi Guys,

    I trying to use the trim command in maxsurf, but for some reason in a specific location, the trim looks that it does not "work".

    I have already trimmed the transom as you can see from the attached image, but when I try to trim the hull and create a notched transom, after I perform the trimming, the surface looks like before, i.e. like it has not been trimmed at all.

    When I go to the menu, (Surfaces -> Untrim -> ) I can find the surface there as it has been trimmed, but as I said, when I look the rendering, it always appear there.

    Does anyone has any idea or any suggestion for the above problem?? I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. : I post a link of the images, cause I was trying to find the button for the thumbnails but I could not find anything.
  2. Andrew Mason
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    Andrew Mason Senior Member

    How many control point columns does your trimming surface have? i.e. does it have three columns and order 2, or 4 columns and order 3. Importantly, how many columns of control points are being used to form the 90 degree corner in the trimming surface.

    Maxsurf trimming can fail when too many columns or rows are compacted together to give a hard corner in the surface. Use only as many columns as are necessary, no more.

    Also check that all centreline points for all relevant surfaces are actually on the centreline, i.e. = 0, a small gap on the centreline can also cause trimming to fail occasionally.
  3. Adis
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    Adis Junior Member

    Dear Andrew,

    I have checked what you said, and below is the information I have.

    The surface has a 3 by 2 control points as you can see in the attachment photo and is linear in both directions (transverse and longitudinal).

    Also, all the control points in the CL are at offset 0.

    Finally, what I have notice is that if I move the trimmed surface which create the transom from its "normal" position, then the trimmed hull is shown, but as soon as I move back the transom in its position, the trimmed hull surface, looks like it is not trimmed.

    I also tried to trim first the hull and then the transom, but again have problems.

    Any ideas on the above?

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  4. Adis
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    Adis Junior Member

    Ok, just now I managed to trim the hull the way I wanted. However, I had to change the sequence of performing the trimming.

    First, I moved the Transom Surface from its normal position.

    Then I trimmed the Hull Surface, to create the notch in the hull

    After that I moved the Transom Surface back to its normal position

    Then I trimmed the Transom Surface

    and finally I trimmed the Notched Surface

    Following that sequence it worked out finally, and below is the end result, however with some side effects in the rendering as you can see.....

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  5. samcool111
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    samcool111 Dr.

    The trim funtion in Maxsurf sometimes just not work well for no reason. So I'd rather trim those surfaces in other softwares.
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