Help with electric propulsion for 65 ft racer/cruiser sailing boat

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by TTK, Nov 8, 2017.

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    What would be the average energy consumption, range and running hours with different speeds (slow, cruising and max)? What would be a right size diesel generator for backup/hybrid system? How much regeneration could folding propellers produce? How much solar would need to be installed to run all cruising systems and how long would it take to charge batteries? As a reference think of light-weight Jeanneau 64. Thanks!

    Specs (example):
    - LOA: 20.00 m
    - LWL: 18.00 m
    - Beam: 5.40 m
    - Draft: 2.5 m
    - Displacement: 25 000 kg

    - Electric motor cruising speed: 11.1 kph / 6 kn
    - 100 Kwh li-ion battery pack
    - 150 HP equivalent, 124 kW peak power, 94 kW continuous power electric motor
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