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    I always knew it is difficult to find cruise ship jobs but this is turning out to be a nightmare.I scramble night and day to find anything I could that would help me. But frustrating searches on the internet only turn-up ´dodgy´ looking websites selling nothing but outdated numbers that dont work... websites that no longer exist...and lots of false promises. And so-called agencies "guarantee" me a job...but ONLY if I paid them a hefty fee!

    I am trying the site

    Can you recommend anyother site that has genuine cruise ship jobs on it.

    Thanks for your help in advance
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    Go with an agent that takes a % of your first few checks. Nothing up front. Usually total fee = one months salary subtracted 20% monthly for 5 months.
    I have used an agent for more than 20 years to find not only A job, but the BEST paying jobs.
    Don't worry about the fee. You only pay when you are making money. You know the agent is getting you highest rate possible. Because more you make, the more they make. If you land a job on your own, how do you know they're offering a fair salary? The agent knows from experience and many contacts in industry, the current salary level.
    Hopefully you will stay with a company many years and many promotions.
    The one month fee you paid will seem well worth it.
    The main consideration is, How much are you making unemployed? Which is preferable? Make money and pay part as a fee? Or earn and pay nothing?
    The final advantage is, you can relax while the agent promotes you. You don't have travel expenses, hotel and restaurant bills, all from savings or on a credit card. Relax. Let agent work for you. I have 43 years at sea and more than 30 as captain. I'd have been better off if I'd started using agents earlier.
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