help with a rotten floor

Discussion in 'Materials' started by roadking666, Oct 17, 2006.

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    I just bought a boat, 1984 Larson 5500 Citation, Well, it has a rotten floor, I knew it when I bought it but after taking up the rug I found it was a lot worse than I thought. So, I am reading so much about fiberglass and epoxy resin, I don't know what to use, nor the difference. Can some one explain? thanks.
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    road king,

    Its probably even worse than that. You have to examine the stringers while the floor is out. Poke or prod with an awl, screwdriver, etc, and find the real extent of the damage. I'm not pessimistic, its just that with old boats, its almost always worse than you first think. It will be better than new when you are done.

    Let us know,

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    Check this site out

    This link is very good, gives you a lot of good information on fiberglass and materials and repair. This site suggests using a different resin than the one recommend on the site. Check it will helped me....
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