Help - Transom O Ring 274 Hamilton

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by Oran, Apr 11, 2004.

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    Help - Transom O Ring 274 Hamilton


    I just spent All day today trying to fit a hamilton 274 jet to an alluminium hulled RIB. We got it in OK despite the manual's instructions. However getting the flange , o ring and jet to play ball has stumped us. We tried by hand, as per manual using vegetable oil as lube, then we used long stainless steel bolts and started tightening them down. It still did not do the job and in fact we snapped the bolts to remove them. Any body any experience with Hamilton's transom flange's and o ring seals.

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    Try contacting ocean dynamics, in st davids, Wales. They specialise in building custom aluminium RIBs for commercial uses, and utilise Jet drives in most of their boats. as far as i remember, they use hamilton drives. however it has been a few years since i have been up there,
    SA62 6RJ U.K.
    TEL: +44 (0)1437 721390 FAX: +44 (0)1437 720747
    e-mail link to:
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    snapped bolts

    Stainless bolts are notorious for galling when tightened without proper lubrication. A liberal application of anti-sieze to the bolt threads before assembly will work wonders. Chances are that you never even got the bolts tight, they just felt tight when they galled--and you were lucky they broke off, sawing them off is no fun. gool luck!

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    I have put many jets in boats. is it a new boat...? If not check that your transom is flush older boats can be nasty for that after you cut out the jet whole. make sure your transom is at the right angle 5 degree (if your block is 5 degree) have you had to cut any material off the intake block ? if so where. The aft portion of the block should not be touched. The aft edge of the jet block should be in line with your bottom corner of the transom. Is it single or twin ? If all these things are good then you should be ok. If these things are good and it still will not go in then call your rep. I deal with Jastrum Eng. in st.cathrines Ontario. Or just call hamilton.

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