HELP! Rhino attachGHSdata and GHS problem!!

Discussion in 'Software' started by Rannie419, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Can anyone help me on my project of a offshore support vessel?
    I am a new user for both Rhino and GHS.

    I have modelled the hull in rhino with two separate surface (stb and port), deck has not been modelled yet.
    My question are:
    1. Is it necessary to model the deck and include the deck inside attachGHSdata? I try to attachGHSdata with the deck, but it all messed up when i see my hull in GHS deadweight application. If I never include the deck inside attaccGHSdata, then it looks fine in GHS deadweight application and it seems like have a deck on it.

    2. I have problem in joining the two separate surface (stb and port), if I use the join command and then attachGHSdata, my hull looks very ugly in the GHS deadweight application.

    If I add the two surface into attachGHSdata component one by one defined as stb and port, then it will look fine in GHS deadweight application but it have a longlong longitudinal bulkhead in the center of my ship. And I have two hull component in GHS...

    Can anyone help me with my problems?

    Thanks very much
    Naval Architect
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    I think you have an error in your Rhino file. I can't tell what that problem is without seeing the file but I'd suspect it has something to do with your modeling.

    1. It is not necessary to model a deck in Rhino. GHS will interpolate between points. However, it is fine to do so. Your problem with the model looking funny is not related to it having a deck. I'd guess that it is some sort of underlying modeling problem that is causing your trouble. Perhaps your deck is poorly modeled.

    2. It also doesn't matter if you join your hull halves. If you choose to use one half then you just select the centerline option in AttachGHS and the software will know that you want to have it mirrored. I think your origin may be wrong. The default location for the origin is 0,0,0 and I would strongly recommend using that origin. If you insist on using a different origin then you need to enter those coordinates into the AttachGHS dialog.

    Having said all that there is the possibility that your model is totally fine. AttachGHS isn't 100% perfect and neither is Deadweight. Quite often a decent hull will export with bizarre looking features and just as often a perfect model will look odd in Deadweight. To check the later open the file in GHS and see what it looks like in there. Deadweight is a nice pretty picture but you need to view the file in GHS section editor (SE) to see exactly what is happening. Likewise if there is an error it may be easily corrected in GHS SE. Sometimes a few points will be created out in space by AttachGHS and it is very simple from within GHS SE to select those points and delete them.
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    Rannie419 New Member

    Thanks for your reply david..I think now I understand. I go and try out.. thanks very much!
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