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Discussion in 'Software' started by pankajgaonkar, Mar 13, 2009.

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    pankajgaonkar New Member

    I am Sr. Design Engineer working In Zebec , Goa - India.

    I recall when the Maxsurf representative had come to give training on Maxsurf I was given some sample files wherein I was told that we can get readymade output of a complete stability booklet of a ship from hydromax by running some commands. i was also given some beta files for the same.

    I have misplaced the files ( word and excel files). I request If anybody has the files then kindly mail it to my email along with the procedure if possible. I am using maxsurf 13.01 version.

    My email address is
  2. Grant Nelson
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    Grant Nelson Senior Member

    You could try emailing or calling Formsys... it seems reasonably sure they will provide this all to a client...
  3. formsys
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    formsys formsys

    You can download the stability book generator from the beta test site in the Users section of the FormSys web site.
    If you have misplaced your login to the site, contact and they will send it to you.
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