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Discussion in 'Projects & Proposals' started by conceptia, Apr 29, 2010.

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    That does not go together!

    Having NO clue about the present situation at the location (and sure you do┬┤nt), neither any idea about the task of the OP (philosophy, requirements, regulations), no serious developer can offer a valid businessplan!

    Therefore your first statement is just a lie.:mad:

    Captain, btw. referres to the army rank of a commissioned officer, historically corresponding to command of a company of soldiers.
    Shipmasters are just called masters! (at least in a professional environment):p

    Both of them are not really qualified by profession to develop business models in a extremely high demanding market.

    So, you better go selling your second hand stuff, and misuse this Forum further for free advertisement.:eek:
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    So.. You would be called a Gilligan around these parts.

    Everywhere else in LaLa land your just a troll.

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    When you say "yacht tourism" do you mean something from nothing... no infrastructure as steamer is talking, or do you mean a charter business where you serve day and overnight clients? Kochi, India has a tourism industry in place but may not have professional marine services offered from what I can see. I think Steamer is talking about developing a tourism market where one doesn't exist?

    I am involved with 2 marine projects to develop a public and tourism transportation using catamarans in the rivers of Venezuela and in the lakes of Tanzania. The projects are not that complex and include assembly of the vessels on site using kits which range from 40ft cargo and passenger catamarans in Venezuela to 22ft fishing skiffs and 40 dive boats up to a 80ft 8 cabin term charter catamaran to support a safari operation and resort.

    What exactly are you looking to achieve?

    I have been involved in the building, design and the development of start up charter business in Mexico, Venezuela, BVI, St martin, Bahama's with my eyes now focused on Tanzania.

    I may be able to offer you some advice if I understand a bit more of your intent? you can send me a direct email if you like
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    I not really interested to be in the pissing match that is going on so please contact my email directly and I'll be happy to read and reply.
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    You have a PM in your message box with an information package offer plus info on additional income resources with yacht/tourism activities
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    thank you all.. As per now I'm planning as per Richard's advise. I have identified a yacht design well suiting my requirement.(I think the vessel is constructed and ready to buy). I will firstly operate only a single yacht, which will completely help me to identify the deadlocks and profits in the industry. The sound investment will follow. Right now, I'm on the market study.
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    keep us updated!

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    I agree... this is not the place
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