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Discussion in 'Materials' started by AJP, Jul 29, 2019.

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    Currently designing a 50 ft fishing catamaran for speeds of 70 Mph. The scantlings are giving me values of 36.5 mm thickness at bottom midship and 20 mm at forward, are the values a bit offset from the normal thickness , any suggestions on the same as this is the first time i am desigining with sandwhich core construction. Also can someone suggest the best core material for the same.
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    You mention the scantlings. On what rules are these based? Lloyds, GL, ABS, ISO 12215? Some give more thickness than others. There are lots of factors involved in selecting a laminate / core, including local laws, insurance and certification.

    For a 50ft go-fast boat it definately pays to have an expert company look into it. The cost of that could already be compensated by the cost savings of materials.

    As for the use of core materials? As a rule of thumb you will end up in the higher density foam cores, like 130 kg/m3, or balsa. But just as a rule of thumb, nothing more.
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    A 70 mph fishing boat, quite a novel thing !

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    You’re designing a 50 ft catamaran that will go 70 mph and you’ve never designed with sandwich core construction? Is this a personal project or has someone hired you to produce this design?
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