Help! Newbie daft mercruiser outdrive questions

Discussion in 'Sterndrives' started by jakeeeef, Dec 7, 2009.

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    From the jackshaft/tailstock parts page for alpha and Bravo
    Any Mercruiser dealer will have this
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    A production motorcycle engine has a WOT Life at peak power speed of around 20-35 hours depending on Manufacturer (Honda is best!!). Typically, a road car engine (depending on how recently it was designed) will do around 180-300hrs at WOT max speed depending on the manufacturer.

    Bike engines have a very hard life when transplanted into a car. In a boat, you will be rebuilding often...... Pistons rods & cranks will suffer all badly...

    To help out, you could properly bush the small end eyes and drop the compression somewhat. I do feel that you will struggle for engine life though depending on what boat you are trying to push.


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    Here's a link to MerCruiser drive shaft extension components :

    As powerabout has stated, a Mercruiser dealer can hook you up with the right jackshaft/tailstock parts.

    What size/weight boat is this going into and what are your performance expectations ??

    Paul Kane Chelsea, PQ

    Building the Glen-L Hot Rod :

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    Thank you.
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