Help needed for tunnel stern and bow thruster design

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    Hi everyone,

    I am planing to build a houseboat for inland waterways (mainly the Danube and the Danube Delta) where shallow draft is a must.

    The boat will be 24m in length and 5.5m beam. I got inspired by the American houseboats when I have created the hull shape but the difference is in the way I power the boat, that being with classic shaft and inboard engine. Most of the houseboats today are using IO drives but for me that's not an option.

    The hull will be build out of steel plates 5mm thick and the upper structure with 3mm steel plates.

    The simplest and cheapest solution is to use straight shaft and gearbox and for that it seems enough space. I have at my disposal 5m of hull length to accommodate the engine, propeller and rudder. I use only Sketchup for the basic design but for an accurate hull shape I need the help of someone with skills :).

    Can someone please help me draw a hull that:

    Would accommodate an engine in the 5m (4.3m to have some clearance from the door.

    Have a shallow draft (tunnel stern accommodating a 80cm diameter propeller)

    Have the possibility to mount a bow thruster as pictured.

    Please see the pictures below. I can provide the sketchup files if you want to get the accurate measures.

    With this rough idea I will go to a naval architect and get the project started but first I need to know what I ask for.

    Thanks in advance,


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