help needed for a design project!

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by UnReason, Feb 26, 2009.

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    im a transportation design student currently in my 1st year.
    i have a project on sailboat conceptualisation....

    Here is the brief on which my sail boat has to be made:

    Usage - should be sailed both in lakes and sea, basically for cruising purpose.
    Length - approx 14 -16 feet.
    Draft - 4-5 Feet max with keel fully down
    Sails - Main and Jib
    Body - Fiberglass / sandwiched foam, double bottomed construction
    Weight - as light as possible for easy portability
    Rigging - As simple as possible
    Mast - Aluminum (suitably strengthened)

    Problem is, i have never been sailing, and almost know nothing bout sailboats except the stuff i hav found online. i would like to hear the views an advice from enthusiasts themselves. whatever may seem useful for this project.
    Il be thankful for whatever help i can get :)

    another thing i need to know is the bestselling sailboats in the size i have mentioned above...

    thank you again.
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    West Wight Potter.

    (and, no idea what you mean by "double bottomed".)
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