Help! naca 65 015 calcs needed

Discussion in 'Stability' started by benoz, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. benoz
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    benoz New Member

    Can someone help me!!! I need someone to calculate the length of bulb and section heights to build a keel bulb to naca 65 015 with a weight of 530kg (Volume 47L)

    I'm hoping someone has a piece of calculation software to work this all out!!!

  2. conceptia
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    conceptia Naval Architect

  3. abcdefg
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    abcdefg Junior Member

    Can do. But will cost. pm me if interested.

    Assume you are building it?
  4. CaptBill
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    CaptBill CaptBill

    I bet there is something in the spreadsheet download area of this forum. My problem is I can't locate the link to get there. I know I saw a 'spreadsheet file' link. Where did I see that?
  5. quequen
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    quequen Senior Member

    Attached is your bulb in .fbm (Delftship free) format.
    Also a copy in IGES
    And here the properties of the bulb (in pure led). By the way, it gives to me 48 liters for 530kg. Lenght is about 1.76mts (I think, please check the files):

    Propiedades físicas de NACA65015 ( Part Configuration - Predeterminado )
    Sistema de coordenadas de salida: -- predeterminado --
    Densidad = 0.01 gramos por milímetro cúbico
    Masa = 530345.00 gramos
    Volumen = 48213181.97 milímetros^3
    Área de superficie = 937971.93 milímetros^2
    Centro de masa: ( milímetros )
    X = 721.73
    Y = 0.00
    Z = 0.00

    Ejes principales de inercia y momentos principales de inercia: ( gramos * milímetros^2 )
    Medido desde el centro de masa.
    Ix = (1.00, -0.00, 0.00) Px = 3424388148.69
    Iy = (0.00, 1.00, 0.00) Py = 56890017657.47
    Iz = (0.00, 0.00, 1.00) Pz = 56890017657.47

    Momentos de inercia: ( gramos * milímetros^2 )
    (Medido desde el centro de masa y alineado con el sistema de coordenadas resultante)
    Lxx = 3424388149.78 Lxy = -241074.48 Lxz = -0.00
    Lyx = -241074.48 Lyy = 56890017657.31 Lyz = 0.00
    Lzx = -0.00 Lzy = 0.00 Lzz = 56890017656.55

    Momentos de inercia: ( gramos * milímetros^2)
    Medido desde el sistema de coordenadas de salida.
    Ixx = 3424388150.54 Ixy = 216502.23 Ixz = 0.00
    Iyx = 216502.23 Iyy = 333142038305.35 Iyz = 0.00
    Izx = 0.00 Izy = 0.00 Izz = 333142038305.35

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  6. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    If you cant give a proper name or a location then you will have difficulty with credibility.

    Just sayin.
  7. abcdefg
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    abcdefg Junior Member

    If forum post counts and rep points were a measure of credibility, then I would be screwed, but I live and work in the real world where they don't really mean much to me.

    If the opening poster is/was serious about taking things further, then I am certainly in a position to assist. I am not sure that you are in the same position. Just sayin...

    Its moot anyway, as at least a half answer has been presented above (kudos to quequen), and the opening poster has not returned it seems.....
  8. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Ha --I never thought about the cred number count, It was credibility needed to encourage payment from some one when you have total anonymity.

    (Send money to me my name XYZ and I live over there somewhere).

    But I'lle guess your American and you name will be Tod or chuck.

    Just sayin.
  9. abcdefg
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    abcdefg Junior Member

    I think you need a productive hobby. I made an offer to the opening poster that I could assist, after contact via private message.

    I have the tools and ability to do a quick job like this, but I do expect to get paid for my work. Why should this be of concern to you?

    And my real name is neither Tod nor Chuck and I am not a citizen of the USA. If I were to guess, I would say that you are not native Thai, and your real name is not Frosty. How am I doing here?

  10. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Yeah your doing pretty good there errr Bob. I cant spell your real name its too long on a Qwerty board.

    No--its of no concern --well just a little bit.

    Just sayin now said.
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