Help, my first 40ft boat is way too cheap! I must be doing something wrong...

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Aguirre, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Aguirre
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    Aguirre Junior Member

    I did some back of an envelope calculation of how much my first boat would cost, and I'm amazed it would be so little. Obviously, I'm forgetting some important cost factors. But which ones?

    I designed her in FreeShip, so I have a bit of a grip on correct dimensions.

    LOA: 12m
    Beam: 2.5m
    Height: 1.2m
    Construction material: 3mm steel

    This boat is an open work boat to transport some cargo on a river: a simple (but hopefully strong) hull with a wooden deck at the level of the waterline.

    Total surface area of the hull: 36.5m²
    Total surface area of the frames: 8m²


    Material costs
    -12 steel plates of 300x150cm (3mm): €160 per piece = €1920
    -50 cutting disks at €25 per pack of 10 = €125
    -10 filing disks at €4 a piece = €40
    -1000 welding sticks for ordinary steel at €25 per pack of 100 = €250
    -anti-rust coats, 100 liters, at €3 per liter = €300
    -wooden planks for the deck, need about 16m², say we choose Afromosia at €10 per plank of 6mx30cmx3cm, that's 9 planks; let's take 10 = €100
    -steel tubes to build a support structure for the boat; say 20 tubes (600x40x4mm) at €15 a piece = €300 (but this will be recuperated, so I don't count it)
    -wooden planks to complete the support structure; 20 planks of 600x30x30mm at €10 a piece = €200
    -all kinds of small materials (brushes, hammers, etc...) = €300
    Subtotal: €3235

    Operational costs
    -Labor (some welder friends, myself and some other fools) = €0
    -Fuel for the welding genset, I guess about 100 liters of diesel at €1/l = €100
    -Renting the "drydock" = €100/month (* note, I'm in a developing country with plenty of empty drydocks that are looking for a job), we can build this in a few weeks = €100
    -Bribes of all sorts = €200
    -Drinks at €15 a day (everybody drinks 2 liters/day), times 21 days = €315 (so far the highest operational cost! :D )
    Subtotal: €715

    Grandiose total: €3950

    I am amazed.
  2. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    That sounds correct. The hull and deck are usually 10-15% of the total cost. You may have to add the cost of tools and all the framing and reinforcements
  3. bertho
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    bertho bertho

    Gonzo is right, add perhaps some painting ? sandblasting ? fastening for deck ?
    3 mm plates, you can have many wave on it after welding !
    have fun !
  4. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Thats only the hull,!! NO engine, shafts , rudders , steering gear, batteries , cables , etc etc.

    You will be able to buy second hand cheaper but that may not be the point for you.

    Oh I forgot a steering wheel, oh and some lights, and so it goes on and on.

    Dont worry -youlle be over 10,000 in no time.
  5. waikikin
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    waikikin Senior Member

    Looks like numbers from the 80's, I'd double it then add some & what about Lunch?
  6. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    I like the bribes --200 Euros,---- where are you Greece?
  7. rwatson
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    rwatson Senior Member

    All Frostys points
    "No engine, shafts , rudders , steering gear, batteries , cables , etc etc."

    Plus perhaps I can think of a few 'refinements'

    "Build in a few weeks ? "- complete steel hull, frames, longtitudinals, laying wooden deck, painting, engine and electric installation - minimum 6 weeks - more like 3 months with volunteer labour.

    "Labor (some welder friends, myself and some other fools) = €0 "
    You will all be losing money by not having a proper job - lost wages opportunity 6 weeks x 4 people x $500 = $12,000. They are going to want a share in the finished boat - you can be sure of that.

    "Paint at $3 per litre ?"
    I would guess you are going to pay more like $15 per litre, Budget might be more like $1500

    "Renting the "drydock" = €100/month "
    Hmm - have you checked this out for sure ? That might buy you a small area in an open paddock. You really need a proper shed to either keep out the rain or the sun or the wind. Work slows down a lot when building in the open

    Lets add Registration ( where there's bribes there's registration), insurance, ....

    Keep us posted.
  8. sorenfdk
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    sorenfdk Yacht Designer

    No - you will have to add these costs!

    And 3 mm plating needs a whole lot of framing and reinforcement...

  9. Aguirre
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    Aguirre Junior Member

    Hey guys, thanks a lot for your realism. I'm revising my budget... :D

    I already have the engine and auxiliaries, though.

    The low cost anti-rust paint is $3 a liter here, but maybe I should import some, as it may not be the best. However it's being used by all steel users here.

    There's indeed an opportunity cost of the voluntary labor. But they're my workers, and often they're just sitting around, so they'll have some work now. :D
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