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    From what’s been said on one of my previous thread I think it’s become a little unrealistic to ask a donor dawn craft hull to be my inshore pirate ship probs because I wanted to add more weight that would of been safe especially for a cannel boat :/ but hay we all have dreams lol

    The cad plans do show a living arrangement below decks however this is not critical.

    I am not planning on running to boat from the sails; they are purely for aesthetic purposes and would not be functional as im wanting to fit either a 25-50hp outboard or similar sized inboard engine.

    Can someone please help to recommend a suitable donor hull?

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    You hull is suitable, but the accommodations and weights have to be within the realm of possibilities, for the donor. A two story (assumes standing headroom) accommodation just isn't practical on your current donor. With the exception of the galley, you don't need standing headroom below decks. You don't want to be cooking in this small of a space anyway, so practically speaking, the cooking will be done on the weather decks, with possible storage for the ice box, food stuffs, etc. below.

    For you to realize the limitations of these below decks spaces, it would be best to make some mockups of these spaces. I don't think it's possible to have a useable berth off to starboard in the forepeak as you have it drawn. A V berth might work, though headroom will be an issue. The spaces in the hull in these areas is quite confined, V shaped and if you place the berth low enough to offer some sitting headroom, the berth ends up being too narrow. Make some cardboard mockups of the spaces and see where you can place things. A useful berth needs to be 6' 6" (1.98 meter) long, with a minimum of 22" (.56 meter) at the narrow end. You'll need at least 3' (.9 meter) above the cushion for sitting headroom. Assuming 16" (.4 meter) seat height, a 3" cushion and the sitting headroom above, you'll need 55" (1.4 meter) from cabin sole to headliner, just to sit on the berth. Now lets add some bilge space, because you need a place to put your feet, other then the V shaped confines of the hull shell, so add another foot. I suppose you could add a little to the height of the sheer (you'll have to) to get this sitting headroom space, but finding 67" (1.7 meter) of vertical space in the fore peak of your donor craft just seems unreasonable.

    Again, make some cardboard mockups of the furniture, inside the boat of course, so you can see what you've got to work with. The first thing you need is a sole, so you have foot room, then build your mockup up and off this. You'll soon find you need to raise the sheer a few feet, just to accommodate the below decks areas. This would be fine if this was all you're after, but asking the boat to then tolerate people walking around above all of this, is just testing the practicalities of the donor's stability.

    A mockup will reveal all and pretty quick, saving a considerable amount of head scratching.
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    I have a folding chair that I carry around. I helps me determine table and chair heights, and give me a feel for space within hull. You usually find that even a large boat is small inside and there is alot of wasted space if your not careful. I also "live on" boat for a few weeks before I build interior , it gives you better feel on how you really want to distribute space for your use. I got ride of bedroom and added more closets. Got ride of a couple of walls and made it flowed better. I got ride of door between master bath and bedroom. Closed bedroom windows, better at keeping out mosquitoes, added hatch over bathroom for ventilation. These are all things you can't always see on paper or computer.
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