Help make waterbird?

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    Dear everyone!
    I am an Engineering science student doing my fifth year at Technology University in Vietnam. Part of our studies involves a final year project, and I have selected one on building a water craft similar in principle to the waterbird. Part of this project will primarily involve modelling this craft, how it works, simulation operation, structure analysis. Ultimately we will build a full size craft and test the design. However, some problems in structure and operating priciples which i don't understand, such as:
    - Properties spring?
    - Why they choose NACA 63-412?
    - time of a cycle action (jump down--> jump up) and amplitude ( only consider rear wing)?
    - properties aluminium used?

    Please answer some question?
    Capacity of English is bad. So, I don't clearly describle my desires. I hope you will sympathize.

    Very thanks! I hope you will answer in short time!
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