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Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by dcnewboater, Jun 8, 2008.

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    dcnewboater New Member

    I am looking to buy my first boat. I plan to use it for friends and wakeboarding (i do not want a wakeboarding boat)...I have visited local dealers and it seems that Bayliner is the cheapest. I was interested in a Sea Ray 185 Sport and a Bayliner 185. Please help em out with some advice on the 2 boats. Pros and cons...
    My buddy bashed Bayliner but that is one persons opinion so I am looking for advice...thanks
  2. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Dear Sir, before you jump into the depths, look around and think carefully
    1) fuel prices are rising at a faster rate than any of NASA's launchings $200 before Xmas 08 and $300 a barrel in the forseeable 15 months or LESS
    2) Recession/Depression is anticipated - get out of debt.
    3) If you must recreationally boat build a liveaboard sail-boat so they will find it difficult to repossess if you are "overseas" or on the opean ocean :D:D:D
    4) soon that sort of boat will be going dirt cheap as people seek money to settle debts or buy some food...
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  3. charmc
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    Masalai has some good comments on the future of fuel prices. Both the Bayliner and the Sea Ray are popular mass produced runabouts most often sold for family use, equivalent to a Ford Fusion and Chevy Malibu in the car world. The analogy holds in that both have sold a lot and remain popular (future? who knows). Search online with the make and model and the word "reviews" or "test" to learn what boat testers and owners think. Like cars, there will be many who favor one or the other and some who complain about either one. In general, they are both mass produced boats, not nearly up to the quality of construction of a limited production or custom boat, but not as costly either. In view of fuel costs, don't opt for higher power engine options. The mainstream engine/drive mfrs generally make reliable drive packages. Talk to the dealer about the best propellor selection for your intended use, as the wrong prop will reduce performance and increase fuel burn.

    If you're convinced that's what you want, either should do, and you should be able to negotiate a significant price reduction, as current fuel prices are impacting the recreational boat market. If you are new to boat ownership, you need to know that those boats are modified deep vee design, which means they handle waves pretty well, but are heavy for their size and could burn 4-10 gallons per hour of running time, depending on speed and load.
  4. yipster
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    yipster designer

    may i ad that smaller speed boats dont handle no speed limit bigger lake waves like bigger speed boats
    etc etc and check out boat and pricing well before you buy but its fun fun fun :D

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    Meanz Beanz Boom Doom Gloom Boom

    Of the small number of older Bayliners I have dealt with they have not worn well at all. The older Sea Rays where always in better condition and more sought after. Thats in Australia and a few years ago now, I have no idea if that reflects on the newer boats at all.

    Mas is right about running costs, be generous with your estimates and ask if it still makes sense.
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