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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by corey9190, Jun 17, 2012.

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    hello, im new to sailing and boatdesign and i recently acquired a 12 ft cat rig dinghy and im not sure what it is. i was told that it is a des townson zephyr, that being said i am under the assumption that they are wood hull boats where mine is viber glass with some wood trim ect. i cant find any thing on the boat (HIN) transom is blank how ever my main sail has a big Z on it with 11012 underneath.

    i would like to know more about it, it does need minor work, and i wanna make look real pretty :D and find out how to properly rig her

    if any one has any info or would like more pics or more info from me please let me know!!!

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    Hi Corey, welcome to the forum.

    All I can tell you is that it's definitely not a Des Townson Zephyr, see the linked website for some pictures. Sorry I cant give you any other suggestions as to what it is.

    May I just recommend not to worry to much about making it pretty at this stage, get the repairs done and get it on the water. Clean it, make sure its waterpoof and nothing is rotten, cracked, badly corroded, or about to break. (Find someone experienced to help you inspect it if you are new to this?)

    Its easy to invest a lot ot time making a boat nice, then once you have learned to sail it find that your needs dictate a different design, (bigger, smaller, faster are but a few options.) There are few designs where lots of work will add to the re-sale value greatly, it just depends on how popular they are, and often if they have a racing fleet in your area.

    Can I suggest that if you are completely new to sailing, find some one to help you learn or find a club that can teach you to sail.
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    According to the picture, it is not cat rigged, it is sloop rigged. Cat rigs do not generally carry a foresail.
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