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    My new-to-me boat is a 35 Evans that has an extended pilothouse. I am going to remove the built in furniture that is inside (starboard is helm seat and two benches facing bow and stern with a table inbetween; port side is a passenger seat and then prep area, stove and sink. See photos below and the pdf I attached has measurements.

    This is an Evans with an interior put in by the owner after delivery of th eboat, its all very rough, the seats are very uncomfortable, etc. We need more seating (5 little kids in the family), etc. There is already a sink in the cabin and we don't need a cook surface.

    What do you think of this plan. Let me preface this by saying I am having a professional do this all for me.

    Remove the whole interior (easy to do, just screwed in). I cannot decide whether I would leave the starboard side raised to keep the row of drawers already there. This would mean the starboard bench would be higher than the port bench, but the view would be better out the windows.

    IN any case, I am thinking of doing:

    LLebroc Aspen helm and passenger chairs in neutral

    Behind these on either side are 54" Veada Regatta seats (46"+8" arm against the aft of the pilothouse) - in a "sand" color - not online but closest is the "tan" option" - sand is lighter but still beige. I am going monotone - I am not into the waves of color that seem too much like a pontoon boat.

    On one side will be a removable teak folding table, 30" long (too long for a 46" bench?) and 12" wide opening to 22" with a flush mount in the floor.

    I am essentially creating a poor man's hinckley. See attached.

    1. What do you think? Will the seats be able to swivel in the space allowed?
    2. Should I keep the starboard side raised?
    3. Should I mount the table on the starboard side since that side is raised?
    4. Any comments on color scheme (influenced by limited choice on the helm chairs, but also in my desire to not do white).
    5. Correct table length for a 46" bench?

    Thanks so much for any input.

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