Help 2D drawings to 3D model in Catia

Discussion in 'Software' started by mjc2012, Aug 1, 2012.

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    i have full boat plans in 2D *DWG format. I am trying to produce an exact 3D model in Catia v5 r19 but i cannot get it to work and i have tried many different ways.

    Does anyone have any experience in this type of problem?

  2. yipster
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    yipster designer

    New 3d drawings can be made with the 2d's as underlays in each viewport
    so a new drawing in 3d is needed, you can not change a 2 in a 3d drawing
  3. DavidJ
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    Umm, this is an exceptionally difficult question to answer. Yipster is correct in that you use your 2D drawing as an underlay or a template and then draw new 3D curves over them. Then you will use those 3D curves to build a 3D surface. You will need to rotate your 2D curves to be on the correct plane and you will need to space them appropriately. Making a hull like this is not a simple task.

    Catia is a very complicated program with many modules and each module is like a whole new program. The most obvious to use for what you are trying to do is generative shape design. I could show you how to do this but I really can't think of a way to type it out to you without spending many hours and pasting in lots of pictures.
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  5. Boa
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    You open the dwg file in CATDrawing and copy the entities required into a sketch on the specific plane required, then you can trace over the outlines in another sketch or in 3D. Or you can copy individual entities (like the sheer line) in plan and elevation onto there own sketches then use the "combine curve" command, this will then make a 3d curve in space. Or you can lift from the original inserted entities sketch the elements you require into a new working sketch using 3d project. You may have to use "curve smooth" on any splines/polylines bought in as clean fair curves translate in clean fair surfaces.
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