Help - 1982 glastron sx 190 25th anniversary - alignment tool stuck

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by tonytek, Oct 29, 2020.

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    Merceriser alpha 1
    Hello everyone, I got myself a 1982 glastron sx 190 25th anniversary, great condition but motor was seized. I'm familiar on car engines so worked on this replace parts and got it running great, removed the sterndrive to replace the impeller. Then noticed the the gimbal bearing was really bad so i ordered and replaced it.

    NOW engine is not aligned; the alignment tool won't go it just about half an inch. I looked at great to make front engine mount adjustments but still can't get it to go. So I went and got a rubber hammer and walked the tool all the way in. it turns but holding the tool firmly; impossible to do with 2 fingers.
    I tried moving front of engine up and down to check to see if it got free but no luck.
    the tool is stuck all the way in and looks like impossible to remove....
    what to do here?

    When i first started adjusting the motor mounts bolts the top bolt was all the way at the top.
    I have gone all the way to the near bottom and still nothing...

    btw I'm alone doing this so its on and off the boat....

    Its my 1st boat, help and tips would be greatly appreciated
  2. tonytek
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    tonytek New Member

    update: ok so the tool had a threaded hole on the other end, I was able to attached an eye lid and some how hammer the whole thing out...
    NEXT I lifted the front mounts all the way up then did quarter turns dropping the engine and stepping back down to try pushing tool by hand.
    after 18 tries I finally got the tool to go all the way in and turn with just 2 fingers.
    would you guys say that's good? I will keep good down a quarter turn at a time till I feel its getting worse.
    it sucks not to have a helper because I have lost like 20 lbs climbing on and off the boat lol
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    I haven't done a stern drive in quite a while (I'm an inboard guy now) but your tool shouldn't be nearly that tight. Have you done a search on youtube? I believe you'll find some good videos there. You'll see how others have done their alignments. That might help you. Remember there is a side to side aspect to your alignment. Good luck!

    Oh, and keep that weight off now, OK?

  4. tonytek
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    hey guys so I got the alignment really good where I could insert the tool all the way in and out with 2 fingers. I tried to put on the sterndrive and can't get the last 2 inches in.
    it seems to be hitting something.... any tips? I have looked up all over the net and all say to make sure alignment is good but I don't think that's the case here.
    thanks in advance.
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    Not uncommon that there is a rust edge in the spline "valleys" at some point, causing a stop for axial movement. Sometimes a bottlebrush will do the trick, sometimes you have to get the drive plate off to clean the splines. Reason: last mechanic touching the stuff forgot to grease the parts with water resistant grease.

    And yep, there is a reason why boatbuilders tend to be "slender types"......

  6. gonzo
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    You probably made a burr when hammering the alignment tool in.
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