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    Hi everyone. I am starting my first resto project. I have a 67 Starcraft Holiday-V. 18' with 110hp Mercruiser i4. The boat is in incredible shape for its age. I've started with already changed the floor, carpet and seats. My question is about the chrome pieces. Everything is original on the boat. The covers for the blower, the horn and lights have started pitting slightly with age. Does anyone know what compound or high speed dremel attachments may work well to bring it back to original state? I do not want to change anything unless have to. I want to keep as many factory pieces as I can. If anyone has any tips I would love to hear them. I hope to have some pictures up soon.
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    Chrome is an electrically applied coating on the metal fittings. It's sticks about as well as anything on metal, but once the it starts to lift off (for whatever reason, corrosion in this case) there's little you can do to "bring it back". It has to be re-chromed, which isn't an inexpensive process. Considering the cost of re-chroming and the lack of "uniqueness" to your boat, it will be cheaper and faster to purchase new cleats, clam shell vents, etc.
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    That's kinda what I hate about it lol. The cleats and hardware are actually still ok. Just mainly the larger pieces. Most of the smaller hardware are polished stainless which I didn't believe were factory until I read over the original paperwork from the previous owner. Well, from Starcraft they weren't polished but the owner did that later. He didn't do the topside trim rail or the windshield frame which I will do so everything matches.
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    If you join the Antique and Classic Boat Society, ACBS, they have tremendous resouces for restorers of wooden boats, including rechroming. Their website is: www.acbs.org . They publish the magazine "Rudder" which has ads for lots of boat restoration services. The magazine, and I think the website, also lists all of the dozens of antique boat shows around the country. At these shows, you will find all sorts of parts, accessories, services for antique boaters.


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    Thanks! I will check that out. This is the first boat I've worked on so I'll probly need all the help I can get.
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