Hegarty's wood boatyard

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    Please forgive this shameless plug for a book recently published by a friend..

    Hegarty's is one of the last remaining Irish wood boat yards in which wood boats are being maintained, repaired and built every day from trawlers to rowing punts. I worked in the yard for ten years. Kevin O'farrell has just published a photo book that documents the yard work going back nearly fifteen years, it's the product of years of dedicated photography and a passion for wood boats.
    Personally, I think his work is important. Wooden trawlers are disappearing, it's unlikely that in a decade or so from now there will be more than a handful left in Ireland in commercial use since the people who maintain them are already close to retirement age and they are not being replaced.
    Book Information — Kevin O'Farrell https://www.kevinofarrellphotographer.com/book-sales
    Kevin O'Farrell Photographer https://www.facebook.com/KevinOFarrellPhotographer/?rc=p

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