Heeling free kite rig & prototype-video: Investor wanted (and general discussion)

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    I have had the idea for this phenomenal kite rig 2 1/2 years ago and since then been working on my invention and built three well functioning prototypes, the latest(and smallest) being a 32kg(+8kg SS-rig) sit-on-top kayak, which I usually(from ~8knts to ~18knts of wind) power by a 21 sqm kite!
    Took the biggest available kite (within my budget, Skysails-System is slightly beyond my means:() and one of the smallest and narrowest possible hulls, to demonstrate the systems capabilities.

    Video: http://youtu.be/kjUEq6yhX-s
    kitekayak1.jpg kitekayak2s.jpg jolle1.jpg
    -The system is absolutely heeling free(and thus doesn't require ballast or compromises on the hull shape),
    -folds away(=dagger board/foil out of the water) on it's own when on a downwind run or under motor,
    -allows for highly effective asymmetric foils(instead of a symmetric keel or dagger board),
    -self steers the boat (by keeping it at a fixed angle towards kite pull, only kite has to be controlled), which allows it to be easily operated single-handedly
    -is very simple and thus economical to produce,
    -doesn't necessarily obstruct the deck space
    -could easily be retrofitted to any conventional motor yacht and turn it into a high performance kite sailboat (while the system definitely asks for a custom designed hull)

    I am absolutely convinced that this will be the system of choice for future hybrid(wind/motor) yachts, once satisfactory launching and landing systems for big enough kites have been developed . . .

    . . . which leads us to the only(but unfortunately quite substantial) notable disadvantage: It hasn't happened yet for smaller than cargo vessels, and the fact that Skysails seem to be in trouble hasn't increased the chances for it to happen any time soon.

    I had submitted international (PCT-) patent application(WO2011095178 (A1)) for this invention in Feb 2010 and until August 2nd this year the countries in which the patent procedure is to be continued have to be named, which will involve, at least if an in my opinion appropriate wider international protection is targeted, expenses beyond my means(which shrank enormously during the past 2 1/2 years), so I definitely will need help of a business angel/investor and am considering to co-found a company in order to
    1. identify the countries in which it would make sense to enter the national phase of the patent application
    2. aim for patents in these countries
    3. try to further market the invention and sell licenses for production of kite-kayaks and kite-dinghy s based on it, the prototype shown in the video is as good as market ready
    4. try to develop low tech starting and landing systems on a tiny budget(I have some very practical idea which I'll happily discuss later) for low tech kites(Nasa Wing Kites) and make these in combination with my kite rig available for smaller (motor-)yachts(which should be able to sail upwind up to ~70deg off the true wind, with high aspect foil kites:at least ~50deg)
    5. waiting and hoping for others on a higher budget(e.g. Skysails, project.kiteboat.com) to come up with reasonable launching and landing systems for kites for yachts, which would probably skyrocket the value of the patents enormously and make this undertaking a huge success

    As operation of the kayak or the system on a dinghy(http://youtu.be/ruBQ1CM_VUA) is enormous fun, I am convinced that point three will easily generate enough turnover to make this undertaking a success, point 5 is kind of a jackpot, which won't be influence-able by us (unless someone wanted to invest a much bigger amount in this idea)

    Will be happy to discuss any aspect of my invention and grateful for any proposals that might eventually lead me out of my present dilemma caused by the short remaining time until the patent application would expire.

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