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Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by fallguy, Jul 29, 2022.

  1. fallguy
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    fallguy Senior Member

    F9664DB9-5F3D-4E62-9BA0-79FC91FE811D.jpeg I need a heat shield. Cabinet frame is starboard.

    I don't plan to do a lot of cooking, but this thing gets hot fast!

    Cabinets are made from corecell pvc and corecell M, epoxy, and fiberglass.

    Yeah, I could cut the bottom middle cab out, but would rather not. I have 16" or so.
  2. bajansailor
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    bajansailor Marine Surveyor

    Are you worried about the heat affecting the locker space above the stove, or about the proximity of the stove to the fridge underneath?
    If the lockers above, would it be feasible to line the underside of the locker with some thin gauge stainless steel plate?

    PS - another nice example of your excellent workmanship on your Skoota.
  3. Rumars
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    Rumars Senior Member

    Stainless sheet mounted with airgap (1-2") to the underside of the cabinet. If you want to use insulation then something non-flammable and waterproof.
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  4. fallguy
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    fallguy Senior Member

    I have 11ga stainless. Someone else told me 1/4" gap; pretty close
  5. wet feet
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    wet feet Senior Member

    Presumably space constraints led to the overhanging cabinet,but don't overlook the outboard face of that fiddle.I would have thought that some heat shield similar to this would be a good start on the underside of the cabinet.


    Then I would go for something like 20g stainless on 3/8" spacer blocks.A piece of the same stainless on the back of the fiddle would also go on my list.I hope the boat has space for a fire blanket and an extinguisher nearby as the fire risk is always greatest in a galley with exposed flames.Which is one reason why an increasing number of motorboats over here have all electric galleys with induction hobs.They do tend to have the generating capacity and large battery banks to facilitate the arrangement.

  6. rnlock
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    rnlock Senior Member

    In addition to the fire extinguisher, some kind of sprinkler full of baking soda, close at hand, might be a good idea, assuming that the stuff doesn't totally cake up in a humid boat environment. The idea is to stop a potential fire before it's big enough to justify using the extinguisher. We have that in our kitchen at home. It's also good for cleaning.

    You might check out what homebuilt composite aircraft use for their firewalls. There's some nifty stuff at Aircraft Spruce, but some of it's pretty expensive. Firewalls | Aircraft Spruce https://www.aircraftspruce.com/menus/ap/firewalls.html
    I've seen some interesting, fireproof insulation products at McMaster-Carr.

    If it was my boat, and I thought it might be in rough water someday, I'd want to install some hefty, obvious hand holds to prevent a face plant into a hot pot. NOT straight over the stove, but just to each side where they wouldn't be too hot to hold onto.
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