Hazen and Poor papers on IMS VPP sail force prediction

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by killwater, Aug 7, 2009.

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    I'm trying to write a spreadsheet based on data from "Principles of yacht design" to estimate forces from sails but i need more information. So I'm looking for these papers: Hazen "A model of sail aerodynamics for diverse rig types"and Poor "The international measurment system" and I can't find it.
    Does anyone know where can it be found?

    And I cannot find why in exemplary plot of calculated coefficients there is a lift coefficient value bigger then 2 for 50 deg? when i calculated it it was about 1.13 [(35,5*1,5+56,2*0,5)/71,8)=1,13 => for 50 deg]. And in my spreadsheet lift coefficient is constantly falling (almost linear) without any hump between 27-50 degrees like for YD-40. What am |I doing wrong?

    Michal Klimek
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    I am also trying to do this. There are some coefficients, Clm, Clj etc. Are they in the table 7.1a ? Have you completed it? I dont understand that there are many designer but noone knows how to calculate this :p
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