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    CHEERS certainly is a proa, no doubt about it - I see nothing in the wikipedia definition that says it's not, do you?
    As it says, the primary characteristic of a proa is that it shunts so is capable of traveling with either end forward. The secondary characteristic addresses the reason for shunting, which is to always keep one side of the boat to windward and the other to leeward.

    A third characteristic is that proas usually have two hulls; CHEERS meets all of these criteria.


    Length of hulls and rig placement are not critical to the definition of a proa.

    Stretching the definition a bit, even this double-ended sailing ferry has the essence of a proa - bi-directional and oriented to the wind - though it is basically a barge:


    One way boats are not proas. Anyone who says they are is just creating confusion. Neither are power ferries like the old M.V. Islander, which is bi-directional but indifferent to wind direction.
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