Hawaiian style spritsail: I know why, but why not?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by peterchech, Jan 26, 2011.

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    For my outrigger Wa'apa canoe. I am a big fan of the balanced lug, but in this application I will be building my own sails and making two triangular sails will be easier than making two lugs (I'm doing a schooner proa version of the boat, set up for mainly sail steering). The sticks will be lighter as well I imagine, and also quicker to construct and ultimately rig up on the beach. I know reefing is harder, but I think a brailing line and some reef points that can be tied in on the beach should be good enough for my purposes.

    Down sides to this sail?
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    Peter, you might find this post interesting, about the process I went through to choose a sprit/sloop rig for my little cat.

    One thing I might worry about with your schooner proa is that the two rigs will be moved out toward the boat's ends, which may cause a greater likelihood of pitching to an undesirable degree. Double-ended multihulls already have that problem, because they don't have the hullform working to damp out pitching.
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