Have the pic, now need the plans ...

Discussion in 'Software' started by MoonBeam, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. MoonBeam
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    MoonBeam Junior Member

    Hi Everyone ...

    I've got the picture of a boat I'd love to build but cannot track down the designers as they're no where on the internet.

    Does anyone have some base plans which you could recommend that I could work from ... basically the hull shape as the inside, we can manage :)


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  2. Landlubber
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    Landlubber Senior Member

    Did you try boatcnc.com?

    From what I see there mate, it is only a design concept, most likely the plans do not exist, however the originator of the design certainly would have them on his computer, and no doubt would love to see someone create his dream.
  3. Tim.M
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    Tim.M Junior Member

    Looks interesting -- only question I have is do you have to stand up to reach the wheel? Or do you operate from the side seat sitting sideways?
  4. MoonBeam
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    MoonBeam Junior Member

    Hi there

    I've tried boatcnc.com and no where on the internet ... domain name has expired and can't seem to trace them.

    As for standing up at the wheel, I'm pretty happy to adapt the inner to suit but just the overall is what we're looking for. Just wanting to make sure it's good to go in the sea rather than just lakes or protected waters, which most of the classic wooden American designs seem to be.

    This is a big learning curve and I don't want to get over my head before I start.

    Thanks for the help ... more the merrier!

  5. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    nice boat
    needs a flip over canopy for those broiling hot days or those little drops of liquid sunshine
    its perfect for it as the cockpit is so symmetrical
    I really like that boat though
    you have good taste
  6. MoonBeam
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    MoonBeam Junior Member

    Hi Boston

    thanks for the compliment. We're actually planning on having a canopy which we'll build in and then for the occasional over-nighter, we'll have a little in fill in the seating arrangement with a tent option (similar principle to the fly and inner tent). Thought it would be nice having the mid-ship bed.

    Flexible how it goes just want a great family day boat and then one good for a weekend away for just the adults.

    Any clues on regular plans I might adapt?
  7. yachty4000
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    yachty4000 Junior Member

    It is almost certainly a concept design so you will need a naval architect anyway it would be much cheaper and easier if you can't track down the company to start from scratch around that concept. If it is a concept the hull shape will need finalising after more detailed weight analysis etc. and even the styling may need tweaking around revised powering and hull shape options. As for the details of the design I will reserve judgement as it certainly needs work. One immediate concern is the helm area ergonomics and the very large cockpit volume and potential free surface effect this could create. However a few tweaks by a professional and this is all solvable with something that looks almost identical.

    Make sure any design you spend money on tooling for complies with the ISO standards!
  8. daiquiri
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    Looks like a stylish elaboration of an italian "gozzo". I like it. :)
  9. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    ya let me look em up, but I just saw a site that had an excellent gallery of photos of a similar build.
    I dont have time at the moment but I think I even book marked it
    so give me a day or so and Ill see if I can find it for you
  10. MoonBeam
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    MoonBeam Junior Member

    Thanks very much ...

    Very keen to know as much as possible and have contacted a NZ nav arch who has given a quote for plans. Like the feedback with suggestions on tweaks etc as these are all things which I've yet to learn about and certainly would rather know this side of investment than other ;o)

    Let me know the site when you've had a chance - thanks for offering to do such a kind thing.

    Looking forward to progress ...

  11. Djape
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