have a problem of hydromax

Discussion in 'Software' started by chaser, Jul 10, 2009.

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    when i update the tank and compartment definition,the model is showing as attached photo,i dont know if it will affecta the calculation ?and how to fix this problem,thanks!

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    In some case, hydromax can do this. I have designed a passenger ship and i have calculated her tank calibrations. i have seen tank boundaries as yours. as a result this visual problem did not effect my calculations. In my opinionthis problem not desing problem, this is visual problem..

    To solve this problem try to increase section numbers, fit tank sections to hull sections and recaltulate all of these. At least, try to add a new light for new direction for lightining...

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    Hydromax uses crossections of the tanks for the calculations. As far as I can tell the surfaces are simply meshes created by connecting the crossections with triangles. This is in most cases sufficient for rendering purposes, but it's not stable enough for accurate calculations (especially in complex areas like bulbous bow and gondolas etc). In other words, the surfaces are only used for representation purposes. Calculations are done based on the 2D crossections, just like the "normal" hydrostatics.
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