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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by simon, Nov 16, 2008.

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    It is raining again, and not just a bit. All the hatches are closed. And it is hot inside.
    The hatches have to be completely closed, as water will eventually find its way in.
    Crawling around the internet, I can not find any hatches that take rain and spray in account. They all look nice and win the latest design price. Looking at the hatch above my bunk, I do not care about design, I want air and some watertightness together and I am not talking about rolling over or monsterous breaking waves. This complete watertightness has to be garanteed when closed.
    I know, I know that I could fit 200 dorades to get some air in, cover my whole boat with tarps or give up sailing, because this is part of it.

    But aren't there any good solutions that are incorporated into the hatch design? Does anyone have some hints or ideas?

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    The classic Dorade vent is as good as it gets for rain.

    The real trick is to use oversize (expensive ) parts.

    On our boats we used a 5 inch Nicro Fico tall flex funnel , and a 6 inch tube to bring the air in sidethe boat.

    A cheapo 6 inch plastic vent cover both inside and outside on the thru deck pipe will allow winter button up , or stop leaks in VERY" heavy going where the deck is constantlly swept with water faster than the Dorade vent can drain.

    A second fitting allowing the cowl funnel to be directly above the thru pipe will allow little loss of air flow in the tropics , with a screen in place. but it negates the dry inside function.

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    Make canvas tents over them, they can draw in a lot of air and still remain watertight at anchor
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