Has this been tried?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by FirstLight, Aug 21, 2013.

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    This is a playing around idea...

    Sort of a hybrid between a proa, trimaran and International Canoe.

    Idea is to have a performance based vaka with two outrigger type amas not designed to carry sailing loads, only moveable ballast (2 people).

    This is the reason the amas are so high off of the water.

    With steady breeze I can visualize this working out ok with ability to power up and down with sheet. Not sure at what point (if) stability would kick in. And in lighter breeze (or motoring) seems like things might get pie shaped.

    Just the same, wanted to get an idea of something like this has been done.

    Seems to give the best of a few concept with exceptional righting moment of tris and proa and smaller loads in beams (proas).

    By the way, this idea was not influenced by Star Trek Enterprise..

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  2. Jeroenvds
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    You mean a skiff?
  3. messabout
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    This is a takeoff on winged dinghys. WIngs being more or less flat extensions reaching out from the sides of the boat. Sailors who are sufficiently agile and skilled do not need the amas at the ends of the wings. No need to carry that extra weight and windage.

    International canoe hiking planks are often shaped such that they will provide some lift if they happen to hit the water.
  4. JRD
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    Yep - Has been tried

    HSP skiff developed by the late Frank Bethwaite in Australia. It was able to sail faster than the wind in many conditions. I dont think they ever went into production though. I recall this was due to insurance and liability issues as it was considered a very radical idea at the time.

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  5. FirstLight
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    Nice Find


    What a great photo. That's exactly the concept I had in mind. At some point a skiff is no longer a skiff but a trimaran without amas.

    Thanks for pointing it out..

    I've moved off of this to more of an inshore trimaran.

  6. tunnels

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    How about some foils and really make it go !! :D:p
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