hartleys lively 28 trimaran info needed

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by scottscotland, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. scottscotland
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    scottscotland Junior Member

    i am looking for info on the lively 28 as i have a set of plans for one and i cant find much info on this trimaran p.s. some photos would be nice hope to hear from you guys soon
  2. Inga
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    Inga New Member

    Lively 28 or CATRI 24


  3. petee
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    petee Junior Member

    Lively 28

    you can look at clarkcraft.com they sell the plans and kits for that boat.
    I am looking into building one myself if I can swing it!
    Pete-- McAlpin, Florida email [email]mcalpinite@alltel.net[/email]
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  4. Little Otter
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    Little Otter expiramental designer

    Hey guys i'm looking at building one of these myself as soon as the plans get here if you have any info i'd be happy to have it.

    John- Cumming, GA email john2bandit@bellsouth.net
  5. Phildave
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    Phildave Junior Member

    I would be interested in your impressions of the Hartley 28 plans you received? Do you think you can build a boat from them? Do you have boat building experience? I am also thinking of this boat and not just because the cost is small. Rather it looks like a fairly substantial boat and can carry four people rather comfortable.
  6. kim s
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    kim s Junior Member


    well guys I cant comment on weather or not it is possible to build one from plans, but i am the proud owner(2 months) of an old one I am rebuilding.
    If you want any advice or pickys then let me know.
    I can always take a look at the bits of interest.
    I have bought the plans and it seams that it was built fairly accuratly to the plans. Apart from the bits some one tacked on which has caused all the rot as they used mild steel screws!!!!
    I dont know if its possible to email via this site but try
    captainkimboatbtinernetdotcom (hoefully that should confuse the web crawlers)

  7. Phildave
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    Phildave Junior Member


    Captain Kim. Where did you find the boat? How long ago was she built? You think you could have built the boat from the plans you bought? Looking forward to seeing pictures. Good Luck.
  8. boat fan
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    boat fan Senior Member

    Richard Hartley plans................

    I have built a Richard Hartley powerboat ( Vixen ) from plans. It was my first build .....way back in the late seventies ...:rolleyes:

    I know that those plans were good . Large scale drawings , the plans I built from had full size frame patterns included.

    Richard Hartley ( NZ) was a highly respected designer . Many , many boats built from Hartley plans all over the world , but particularly here in Australia and New Zealand .

    You will most certainly be able to build from them.:)
  9. kim s
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    kim s Junior Member

    Its Just---Kim ----" captain kim" makes it a bit like I know what I should be talking about:rolleyes: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    I thinkI would agree with Boat fan. Good large scale drawings, full size ribs etc. building stock design. I guess there might be things missing, but I am sure a bit of thinking about it , or ask some one with a bit of experience, I cant see anything that would not be overcome.

    I am no shipwright but looking at the boat I have bought, its quite a straight forward concept,and yes I would have a go at building it fromscratch. i have just cheated and found something with the ribs already put together.
    I will havre to replace approx70% of the ply,and only a few feet of the frames.

    some one sailed in to my local creek 4 years ago and I tried to buy her then, but the owner had just swopped a caravan for her and intended making her into his famiy boat. 4 years later, going rotten, still sat there and had never moved. i inquired and got her for £400

    I have absolutly no idea how old she is

    She is on the River Blackwater in Essex , east coast UK.
    Here we do not muck about in boats, we boat around in muck!

    shallow estuarys, lots of places to go, 10 hours from the continant, 2 hours from the Thames Estuary etcetc
    so she is ideal for the area.
    Good pubs not far from the seawall with no marina near, so cost of parking not a problem.


  10. zombat
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    zombat Junior Member

    It seems to me, that my reply is outdated. However, I found Lively 28 project pretty interesting for my own purposes (to build self-design trimaran).
    Recently I asked Kevin - the builder of Lively 28 - about this boat and his experience. You could find web-source on the building process here - SV Farsouth - Main hull construction https://svfarsouth.weebly.com/
    Kevin let me permission to share his answers. So, here you are))
    1. Project weight
    - The construction of the Hartley is very heavy estimate the boat to be about 2000kg

    2. The main advantage
    - The method of construction is very easy

    3. Cruising and top speed
    - The boat is fairly slow and cruises at about 6-7 knts, the fastest speed was about 11knts in case of 25 knts of wind

    4. Light wind and upwind performance
    - Upwind and light wind performance very poor

    5. Sailing in bad (rough water) weather conditions
    - It sails well in rough water

    6. Reefing time
    - Reefing would depend on type of rig/sails you fit
    7. Sails area of the boat
    - I used main sail from a Beneteau 23 race boat not sure of the area.

    8. Ama's construction
    - Not sure if the amas help much in performance

    9. Biggest disadvantages
    - I would say the weight and upwind abilities are the biggest disadvantage of the boat.

    However, I think that Lively 28 is still good tri project in case of the following modifications:
    - Boat should have bigger SA. I think, that Kevin's boat had not enough sails (Benetau 23 has 12 sq.m for the main sail and 23 sq.m of the total SA). Compare Lively 28 with the same size (28') BUCCANEER 28 (CROWTHER) with 56.67 m2 listed SA. So, it seems to me, that Lively 28 should have at least 40 m2 of sails.
    - Ama's construction is not efficient for the asymmetry and small flippers. For that reason self-stabilizing construction from KLIS III project could give good upwind performance. Especially, in case of of asymmetrical daggerboards construction.
    - New material could also decrease overall weight for the new seaworthy faster trimaran.
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