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    Ostlind will think I'm crazy, but I think I've made up my mind. I don't need a hopped up trimaran. I already have a Laser and a wet (and cold) fired up Hobie 16. I've spent months getting to this decision and wavered all over the place in the meanwhile. I also don't want a lead belly slug. I still want to build, regardless of model. The i550 sport boat looks amazing, but doesn't make for good camping. Hence, my latest inter-web discovery: The Hartley TS 16.

    I've now spent days looking at everything Hartley. I really like everything about the boat! Whatever I do, it won't be happening soon, but it doesn't hurt to research and ask all the foreseeable questions I can. I like the community out there. There are many builder's blogs in action with lots of good info and pics to match. I sail in Flathead Lake, Montana, USA. There are likely a handful of these boats kickin around, but there is no active class to my knowledge. Class racing is not my goal. Don't get me wrong; I still want to go fast, but also want something that's beach-able and can squeeze two people, a cooler, and some gear below.

    There are claims that the boat will plane at optimum wind and can even beat bigger boats like a Catalina 22, and the like. My Laser will plane, I know what planing means. But a design from the 60's that can sleep two and has some get-up-and-go...is it true? The boat can be built for 5-8000$ or less? Seems cheaper than the i550.

    Any folks out there have intimate knowledge of this craft or know someone who does. I'm a timber-frame home build when not teaching art. I like the looks of the traditional Hartley, but am also attracted to it's claims for speed. The bow seems a little portly (a reflection of it's design age). I like the lines of the transom. Will it point at all? The lake I sail on, Flathead, can make some good fetch (5 footers) and can have the feeling of a body of water much larger. It also has wonderful bays and quiet hidden coves. A boat with a covered minimalist cabin, a low budget, and a speed tick all have me thinking that this is a nifty craft. As a home-build project, I would likely waver a little on the "trueness" of a class build in favor of personal aesthetics and utility.

    I have a handful of preliminary questions regarding the build and would love to pester the willing mind. The Hartley forum is good too, but I want to hear the opinion of some stateside people. The forum is all kiwis and aussies. I think the Hartley 16 is the largest class in the down-under.

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