Hartley Flareline 16 project

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by djaus, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. djaus
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    djaus Salted Nut!

    Thanks Paul.
  2. djaus
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    djaus Salted Nut!

    After using the boat for over a year now, we've figured out what works for us & what doesn't.

    Due to my stepdads size I shortened the rear seat & added 2 extra legs so he has the ability to move it forward & stay seated. (This also lets me stand up whilst yanking on the starter rope as opposed to kneeling on the seat). This helps to get the boat on plane a bit easier. I also made a new but smaller back rest & added an extra ply panel to tidy up the stb aft area & retain the foam on the sheer.

    I then made a small port side aft compartment to hold fishing utensils.

    I modified the passenger seat base 'cause my mother found it to be a little too high & I fitted a different seat. I added an extra panel on the inner sheer & moved the cockpit light switch to under the decks inner edge, next to the seat.

    Also 'cause I painted the rear of the cab, I removed the 2 rod holders & refitted them on the deck. (see image 3)

    I've also fitted extra gal' tube steel to the winch post to further stop the draw bar from flexing.(see image 5). The trailer is also going to be painted black in the near future.

    Lastly, today I added some extra timber to lengthen the splash rail.
    We found when moving at speed in a swell that the bow wash would come up & over the deck edge, then the force of the wind rushing past would bring the spray down on the stern, onto my right arm.....& usually right onto my stepdad.
    It made for a good laugh but the joke wore thin after 3 or 4 waves!

    My method for fitting the extra splash rail was to soak it for a few hours in hot water, in mothers bathtub, then pre-drilled holes to accommodate 1.5" coach screws-(6mm dia') on either end of the timber strip & into the hull. The coach screws bore into the internal stringer & a couple extra screws placed across their length for good measure.
    Next it will get coated with resin & painted....after they dry out!

    ...& do we suspect that the Hartley powerboat design is based on a Navy PT boat?

    The similarities with the hull shape are unmistakable.

    WW2: US Navy Patrol Torpedo Boat.

    I introduced a small step to aid my stepdad in getting in & out.
    It slides under the utility compartment when not in use.
    Mum recycled the old seat cover to make a cushion for the new seat.

    Back again.

    So I was lucky enough to find a used bimini & full storm cover on ebay.
    Some modifications are needed & I'm in the process of doing this now.
    Side clears are done & I've got new vinyl waiting to be sewn in to lengthen the sides of the storm cover.

    I had to extend the height of the bimini poles to accommodate tall people, this obviously meant some mod's were needed to get the sides to fit.

    To date the boat & motor have performed faultlessly. (almost 2 years)

    I have also fitted a new fish finder & a 2'nd hand VHF marine radio.
  3. Mr Efficiency
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    Mr Efficiency Senior Member

    You might need to install a fireplace for the Tassie winter !

  4. djaus
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    djaus Salted Nut!

    Would a gas burner do?

    Last winter I still had the boat out on a regular basis, although some fish species move to warmer waters & a stiff cold breeze can dampen the day a bit.

    The canopy & side panels will no doubt keep the wind at bay to a certain degree.
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