Harbourmaster Yacht Damage

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Ultimate Design, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Ultimate Design Ultimate Design

    Hello,can anyone tell me if harbourmasters have to have knowledge and experience with small pleasure yachts or are harbourmasters basicaly traffic wardens for harbours.
    I had a 21ft bildge keel yacht beached on a stone beach covered with stones the size of coconuts and potatoes in july 2013 and when i went back in the morning the tide had pushed my yacht to the top of the shoreline onto its side and one keel had been damaged and the metal chips ballast had fallen out.
    Someone had phoned the harbourmaster when i told them not to and 2 habourmasters came and while dragging my yacht off the beach into the sea destroyed my yacht but claim they were only trying to help me.
    What i need to know is should these harbourmasters of known what they were doing? DID THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING? they acted like totaly inexperienced people,should they not of just left my yacht where it was if they knew they were going to cause more damage?
    Are they now liable to give me the the money for the damage and cost of my yacht and all the belongings estimated £400 worth looted from the cabin?
    On this link Photos of my damaged yacht from july 2013,my yacht is now destroyed
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    Have you consulted some local lawyers to review your case?

    If you haven't found a lawyer who will take your case in the last 6 months, you probably don't have a winnable case.

    What about your insurance? Was an insurance claim reviewed?
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    You played this out last year. Why are you coming back here to have another go at it?

    The root cause of the boat loss was your bad navigation and lack of immediate action after you ran aground. Everything that followed had its root cause in your actions and inactions.

    If you want legal advice, talk to a lawyer. For sympathy, see a dictionary, it's between s**t and syphilis....

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    Ultimate Design Ultimate Design

    I just need to know about harbourmaster qaulifications in UK because i believe they intentionaly destroyed my yacht,i know its embarrasing bringing this situation back up again,theres experienced people here on boatdesign.net if you could tell me where to find out more about harbourmasters qualifications and experience i would appreciate it,i have been phoning up harbourmasters and lawyers but not getting anywhere so im going around in circles. If i thought the harbourmasters were genuinely trying to help me and accidentaly destroyed my yacht then i would just accept it and let it go and move on.
    The amount of money Lawyers are asking would buy me another yacht so i have given up on them.
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    Qualifications and intention are two completely and unrelated things.
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    If I were you, I'd try the small claims court. Those guys were supplying a service and didn't do very well. You don't need a lawyer, but it costs a little for filing fees, etc. Everything but the actual hearing can be done online. If you win, you get the fees back, plus damages. (You might have to pay some more fees to get a court order to enforce your claim) If you don't win, well, then you should just accept it and go on with life.



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    To answer the specific question, I would recommend finding several position descriptions or job advertisements for Harbour Master and see what they require. They don't have to be current openings. They will describe the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the job.

    I doubt there is a certification or license requirement unless the position also requires operating a vessel.
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