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Hans Christian Sailboat Molds For Sale. 41T and 48T

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by jackinthai, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. jackinthai
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    jackinthai CustomCat

    Molds for the Hans Christian Yachts traditional 41T and 48T sailboats are now up for sale in Thailand by current owner / builder who is preparing to retire and ready to hand over the baton to next generation. A wonderful opportunity for a younger person wanting to get into the boat building industry with the head start of a known brand and market following already established. To date 31 boats of the HC48T and 55 boats of the HC41T have been built. Price for both molds = total of US$120,000 but will sell separately as well. Plans, drawings, schematics and pictures available to assist new builder to become familiar with the product within a relatively short time frame. Retiring builder support also available as needed and if molds end up in the ASEAN region somewhere could visit new yard on a retainer basis. Mold sets include hull, deck, rudder, bowsprit, tanks and so forth as applicable.

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  2. Fabian Cortez
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    Fabian Cortez New Member

    I would like information of the mold for the construction of the model of the Hans Christian 41T, what would be the price, which includes exactly, includes the design plans ?
  3. Jacob Stenzel
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    Jacob Stenzel New Member

    Hello. I know this thread is super old but who owns the 41t and 48t moulds and plans now? Who owns the Hans Christian design.
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