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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by jaybird, Jul 12, 2008.

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    jaybird New Member

    Is it feasable to remove sailing apparatus from a sailboat and use just the diesel to cruise...Why would I do this?...Good sailboats are cheaper than Trawlers or Motorsailers. Please give your response good thought as I am anxious to get back on the water. Thanks
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    the1much hippie dreams

    that is what my "dream" boat is,,,i love sail boats,, but hate sailing,,hehe,, you can strip it down and still putt putt along,,,but,, their engines and their prop , and their shape,, means you dont get anywhere fast.,, it is almost ( if theres a reasonable wind) always faster to "sail" it then to use the engines.,, before you make your mind up you dont want to use the sails, i know theres a few threads on here that deal with sailing and being handicapped.,, use the "search" option and look around.
    let the experts reply on how far you can "strip" 1 down,,i always had the "thought" that leaving the mast on was better for the "balance" with your keel,,,but that could just be 1 of my "in my head" myths,,,hehe ;)
    good luck and Welcome to the forum ;)

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    Yes its doable but you will have issues at sea if you are talking a monohull. The boat will roll without sail set because of the lead keel, they are not as comfortable as a vessel that is designed to motor at sea. The form stability is different in a power boat.... taking a rig off a multi would probably be a better idea, no lead to drag around and far more stable.

    But why bother... just put a bigger motor and tankage in and motor more, use a little sail as a stabiliser when needed, that will be more comfortable all round.

    Of course it will all depend on exactly what boat we are talking about.... thats really general stuff.

    On second thought's depending on the handicap the multi would possibly be the better option... mebe an old bridge deck cat?
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