Hamilton waterjet/ Volvo Penta D6 / 36' hull / Speed 40 kts?

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by nordic, Jun 1, 2009.

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    D6 435 waterjet

    We have supplied many Volvo Penta D6 , on Sterndrive and IPS and now got some new , old stock unused D6 435 WJ bobtail engines .
    As a general rule of thumb the Sterndrive 370 and now the newer 400 are amazing power as the DPH is very efficient . But the Met Police and RNLI love the waterjets for safety , for handling and manoeuvrability and reported reliability . I have always believed that the waterjet needed more HP due to efficiency of waterjet. But the D6 is so fuel econmic and the power is unreal
    We have unused 435 Instock at £16500 plus vat last 2 left

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    Try an FPT NF67 450hp with Alamarin 285, even your boat will make 42 knots!
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