Hallberg-Rassy 36 pointing ability

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Alby1714, Jan 31, 2017.

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    thanks again, you are a mine of information ! The test sail done by Yacht magazine is good news for me as it means that the boat can tack within a reasonable angle in a wind of 20 knots, the bad news, which I obviously already knew, is that I have got a problem to solve !

    Your final suggestion is good and because you have followed my case in detail I would like to invite you. Indeed, I would welcome very much the opportunity to meet you in person and have you aboard. The boat is currently in La Coruna, Northern Atlantic Spain. If you would like to spend a few days in Spain this coming July when I will launch the boat again, you are very welcome.
    If that appeals to you, please drop me a line on my e-mail: alberto.fioretti@tin.it and in any case, thanks a lot for your help up to now.:)
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    Hello Alby 1704,
    Thank you for having initiated this interesting thread and the valuable informations.
    Did you solve your “problem”? Still in Spain?
  3. Alby1714
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    Sorry for this belated answer. No I have not solved it yet. I sailed on, I am now in the UK and have just contacted a well reputed rigger to have my rig retuned just to see if that makes any difference.

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    Yes it can. But the process is a bit complicated.

    What happens is the drag of the stern tends to pull it upwind. So now you have to put some lee helm in to get it back down wind. It's the lee helm which spoils your upwind performance. A good experiment to see if this is true is to sail with the main only. Doing so will move the effective Center of Area (CA) of your sail plan aft forcing you to put a lot of weather helm in to correct it. Weather helm, if it's not excessive, actually helps the boat to windward. Lee helm, no matter how slight, does the opposite. But if you have a really bad stern drag problem, the weather helm may end up being far less, and the boat will go to weather more efficiently. In the sketch below, I show a boat with a draggy stern and the extreme measures I imagine I will have to resort to to get it to balance properly. FisFow4.jpg

    Another matter to think about is the age of the sails. Are they old and worn? If they are, the boat won't go to weather well no matter how well it is trimmed.
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