haines hunter breeze 470 transom design

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by brianAD, Feb 23, 2019.

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    brianAD New Member

    I am new at DIY boating, I am thinking of renovating the transom of a 1999 Haines Hunter Breeze 470. over the years it has had some bits put on, taken off ,changed etc and the transom is looking tired and probably a little leaky. So I want to refresh it, replace timber and add a swim platform if possible. The transom and aft end looks a little complicated and it would be helpful to know whats inside before I start. Does anyone have any knowledge or diagrams of the 1999 Breeze Haines Hunter internal construction details they could share. Or if you have done a similar project any tips.

    Thank you BrianAD
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    It looks tired ? What does that mean ? Is it structurally sound, is what you want to know. And as for a swim platform, how do you expect to execute that with an outboard motor back there ? Or maybe you are thinking of a small platform either side, which is easy enough to do.
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