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    you said it viking, were not looking for 3 to 4k boats here, and believe it or not there are people from here with money but it's always been about lobster boat style racin. were not concerned about paying 6000$ for a spine attachment lol. were not offshore racing pounding 10 to 15 foot waves, were inside racing in harbours, plus, get your going on a good plan ya aint gotta worry about spine angle. hacker -craft gentleman's racer in the showroom has 425hp that goes 52mph. now i can imagine if some hi-teck engineer come in with modern lazer beams stuff i'm sure he could get 53 and a half. we like the gentleman's racer style boats and givin the number's that i stated above is more then enough to go on, giving that the race boats that we race with 400hp can only get 43 beening half the weight as gentleman's racer. gentleman's racer's must be pretty good, bare in mind were no hi-teck boat racing and that's how we like it.

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    Hear--Hear, Pip Pip old chap --Up the Kyber :D---Jarge from Krinkle Cove
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