guys, lets do a Balkan ShipYards.......

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by rael dobkins, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. rael dobkins
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    rael dobkins Dreams come True, But only to Dreamers...

    Our third time lucky.
    Starting a new build, you can follow us as he develops.
    Pacific Proa "Make O'Break" from Balkan ShipYards..........

    Keep Shunting, Balkan ShipYards.

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    SamSam Senior Member

    Spindle moulders (called shapers here) are meant more for bigger operations and are not much use to individuals. They can be dangerous, a friend of mine mangled his hands in them twice. You would find a belt/disc sander very useful, maybe you could trade it for one.
    That bandsaw would be good for re-sawing old beams or re-cycled wood. Old wood might have fewer knots and more heartwood, and be more stable with tighter growth rings, etc. than lumberyard wood. You can even saw logs on one like that with a home made jig to hold them. I had a 21" one I used to saw creosoted railroad ties into planks.
    Are there many woodworking sites on the internet in Bulgaria?
    I couldn't figure out what sort of boat you are building next, another sailboat? The water was low on the lake in your last post, did that get better?
  3. rael dobkins
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    rael dobkins Dreams come True, But only to Dreamers...

    Thanks for the reply....
    The spindle moulder I don't need, like you mentioned... It came with the shop, so did the bandsaw and the bench plainer. I rent the place and they were in it.....
    The rest is mine, I invest only in small tools, not heavy machines. That sanding machine in the image you sent, would fit me well, if I made more furniture, in the shop.
    But I really like freestyle woodworking, a lot of roofing, wood house building, rustic furniture, rustic staircases.... wood sculpture, boat building..... and much more..... I love getting by with the minimum! That's why I love Pacific Proas! I'm determined to crack the code and figure out a proa for white people.... One that could be sailed single handed, shunted single handed, and above all built single handed.

    Finding old wood, is more complicated then just buying it. I will use old stuff if it comes by, anything is welcome... Only that in east Europe nothing is free, just because wages are very low, the economy is very different to the west, most really battle to just keep afloat. I'm South African, lived round the world and got married here, "finding" and "free" work, but not here, nether do they in Africa....... So we just buy what ever we can afford.

    The next boat from Balkan Shipyards is our third proa, "Make O'Break", a pacific proa powered by a junk rig. Will get back to building him in a couple days and shoot some vids of the progress..........

    all d best
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