Gurit scrim on plywood

Discussion in 'Materials' started by fallguy, Mar 11, 2020.

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    I want to stack Gurit corecell 12mm scrim and cores on okume plywood for a roof. The scrim is glass backed; the core would not be.

    First of all, I probably need to preroll the plywood, but then I was hoping to apply a 1/16th" vee troweled thixo and lay the scrim and core pieces onto the prepped plywood.

    I think I probably need to prewet the scrim. Pretty sure I can't use vac and weight would be uneven. From past experience; most of the stuff is really sticky in the combinations.

    Any advice or concerns?

    I did read Gurit's processing guide, it mostly says to test.

    My total stack for a lite roof is beams 2.5"wide x 3x 1/2" redwood glueups about a 5" ellipse, with 6mm okume ontop, then the corecell 12mm, then 1200db 2 layers.

    I did crack the 6mm ply working on it in one spot; hoping the glassed scrim helps balance point loads better. Comments also welcome on the stack. I would rather not glass the bottom of the stack upside down....will glass patch the crack I made
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