Gurit G-pet vs Gurit Corecell M

Discussion in 'Materials' started by ThomD, May 24, 2018.

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    I have these two materials available in my part of the world, and I have never heard of the G-pet. The two things that would recommend it is that as sold locally, it is the only one available in 4x8 sheets. All the boats I am working on either need that width for efficient construction, or in the case of the one I have commercial plans for, it is designed to be laid out on panels of that width. The Corecell M we have is 40.5" width. (since found a source for full width)

    The other key feature is that either material during construction should have sufficient panel stiffness to be laid up in strips or as panels of bulkheads, before the material is glassed. Though is some cases it may be glassed first, that will depend on the specific construction details. I am looking for as much configuration stiffness, roughly as the Corecell A500 I am used to.

    Structural issues will be down to the boat builder. So long as neither material is ridiculously out of step with corecell A500 like performance. Inshore recreational use, not a lot resting on the one core vs another so long as they are relatively similar. When I buy plywood I don't have a product that comes with tight engineering numbers, there is a wide band of potential characteristics. So far nobody has been cut in half, falling through the floor, at speed.
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