Gulf Craft Ambassador 36foot hull dent/warp

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by kcallagmy, Aug 20, 2015.

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    The attached photo's show a warp quite high on one side of a 2000 Gulfcraft Ambassador 36 I am looking at buying. There is no signs of any cracking in the area and the rub rail is not loose at that point or any other point. Any ideas or comments that could help me understand what caused this?? No evidence of collision or any glass damage. Actually did not even see it the first two times I looked at the boat. But, took one last picture and with the right light caught it in film. To the eye it does not look bad, but with the right camera angle it looks downright terrible. Area is about 18 inches in length.

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  2. gonzo
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    There seems to be a section of the rubrail that has been replaced. That would indicate a repair from some major damage. If that is the case, the repair is poor.
  3. sdowney717
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    If that is a repair?!
    I mean how could anyone do such a poor job, I think almost anyone could have faired it smoother than that, and it looks so shiny too.

    Any chance the sides are so thin, it took a broad impact there which bent the aluminum rubrail and cause the thin fiberglass side to distort?
    Is it an aluminum boat?

    And way to look on the inside to see a repair was made?
  4. NavalSArtichoke
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    This isn't the only bote in the world.

    Walk away from the deal and find a better boat.

    After today's market slide, you may find one on the cheap.

  5. PAR
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    I see a repair and transitions at the edges. It could have been done much better, but I'll assume the budget didn't permit it. Knock the asking price down as a result and get it filled properly or . . .
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