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    Travelled across Spain to meet Guillermo this week
    What a wonderful part of the world he lives in
    The Atlantic coast is as beautiful as the south east coast is mundane, ruined by urbanisation The Atlantic heaves and rolls and is blue there, I have only ever seen it grey before Huge granite boulders rise from beautiful white beaches and the architecture is stone
    Guillermo and his team helped me no end, even though they are busy
    He is exactly in reality as he is in virtuality
    A fine chap and thanks mate
  2. Zed
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    Pictures? :D
  3. Pericles
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  4. apex1

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    Nice to see you make the next steps Stu. Have success!
  5. Guest62110524

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    many but canon software back in Au
    In Marseilles now with another forum member, the old port, amazing,
    Ciao Belle
  6. peter radclyffe
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    its good to finally see your website
  7. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Well done sir...
  8. Guest62110524

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    and neros place

    Tim, Nero lives half in Marseilles half in Illinois USA; he invited me to stay in Marseilles even though he was not there this time to meet. Even left me some nicely aged reds His neato wife showed me around the town
    I can see by Neros tools, he loves wood, artistic, creative
    thanks Tim and I left one bottle+++ for next time
    Tired or driving now and in Koln
  9. nero
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    Glad to help out a bit. Perhaps next time I will be able to show you all the small lost corners of Marseille.

    ... now get to work on building! smile
  10. Guest62110524

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    yes, pity cos I was hoping somewhere find some old plate rolls,
    mate in Koln gave me a motor, hydraulic, to drive my new plate wheels, have a lot of machinery to build up again as all sold in 01
    your chisels are sharp!!
  11. Zed
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    Take him up on that ---> make me jealous! :D :p ;)
  12. Guest62110524

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    French Marine have been more than helpful, frinstance, deutz d44, 4.5 l engine rating 114@ 2500, with 3 to one 11700 gbp, as against 27600 in Au au dollars.
  13. apex1

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    One of my preferred suppliers! You are right with them Stu.
  14. Guillermo
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    Guillermo Ingeniero Naval

    Hi, Stu!
    I'm sorry I have not seen this thread till today.
    It was a pleasure to meet you and be able to give you some help.
    Thanks for your very nice words. A pity you could not stay for longer, as I would have liked very much to go out for some sailing with you in our beautiful Rias.
    Best of lucks with your project. :)


  15. Guest62110524

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    I now have to kill 10 days before my meeting with shipyard owner whom I have been trying to meet since November last
    They own an empty yard right here on the Danube, and I am going to meet with view to doing something together They are a large company into earthworks, tunnels, stopbanks. Not boats or ships
    Austria no longer has a shipbuilding industry
    I am a bit scared to take on the yard because I have never launched bigger tonnage sideways down ways as this is here, Also the river runs 5 knots, so you launch sideways into a fast stream , although you can hold the vessel on the ways as they go by rail line into the deep
    To drive back is 4 days there and back and I am going through Euros like there is no tomorrow But it is tempting
    Think I will just either fill in time in Slovakia or back to France
    i usually drive my car into some forest and sleep there, it is a car with 2m room in back, or find a Penzion, something cheap, and spend the savings on French wine
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